The Most Influential Fashion Bloggers

What may have once been merely a creative outlet, fashion blogging has transformed into quite the profitable enterprise. No longer are fashion bloggers an invisible presence doling out fashion advice. Now they are practically minor celebrities with enough clout to claim premium seats at fashion shows, make guest appearances on major television programs such as […]

Slow Fashion − What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Perhaps to fully understand the slow fashion movement we must first understand the concept of fast fashion. Fast fashion should already be a familiar concept, even if we do not recognize it by name, and at least more familiar than slow fashion. Basically, fast fashion is the instantaneous reaction to changing trends in a way […]

Is it Cheaper to Shop for Clothes Online?

Shopping for clothes online appeals to consumers for many reasons. There is no denying the convenience of shopping for clothes without even getting out of your pajamas. The convenience of avoiding a commute or being stalked by pushy shopkeepers is worth shopping online just in itself. Throw in free shipping and free, easy returns and […]

How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress

Picking the perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting aspects of getting married, along with the future groom and well-deserved honeymoon, of course. Yet while some of us imagine wedding dress shopping as a rare opportunity to feel like a princess for the day, others approach dress shopping with more trepidation. After all, […]

Five Things You Should Have in Your Closet This Summer

There is no season that can incite as much excitement as summer can when it comes to choosing your wardrobe. Finally, the time has come to shed those heavy coats and play around with a bold splash of flirty color to chase away those gray skies and welcome back the blue. Bare those shoulders and […]

The Dark Side of the Fast Fashion Industry

Would you think differently of the clothes you are wearing if you were aware that your affordable outfit from that fast fashion retailer was purchased at the expense of the environment and the working conditions of the workers making it? In a way, fast fashion is comparable to fast food in that it is cheap, […]