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Five Things You Should Have in Your Closet This Summer

There is no season that can incite as much excitement as summer can when it comes to choosing your wardrobe. Finally, the time has come to shed those heavy coats and play around with a bold splash of flirty color to chase away those gray skies and welcome back the blue. Bare those shoulders and twirl that dress because the time has come once again to show off some skin. If you are still wearing last summer’s fashion, experiment with trendy looks coming our way this summer like stripes and florals, and perhaps even a jumpsuit if you are brave enough to pull it off.

There are a few basic items that you should have in your closet this summer. The following things are chosen not only because they look great by themselves, but because of how they make everything else look great as well. The greatest part is that they are versatile enough so that you can pair them with pretty much anything and wear them for any number of different events, whether dressy or casual.

White Jeans

A white pair of jeans is a classic, go-to item that you can pair with a dressy shirt for an evening out when you are striving for classy comfort or with just a tank top for that stylish daytime look. The greatest advantage to a pair of white jeans is that they go with practically everything, especially that bold pink shirt which just so happens to be the hot color this summer. It does make a big difference when you have a higher quality pair of jeans that fits just right and that you (and everyone else) cannot see through. Roll them up or go with a cropped pair for that cool, casual summer look.

Denim Jacket  

It may seem ageless but a denim jacket is still a great way to accessorize those white jeans. Perfect for those cooler nights, you can complement your outfit by throwing this on. The fact that there are so many different directions you can take with a denim jacket does not hurt either. Whether you are inspiring a casual look like a tank top or t-shirt or making a dressy shirt, skirt or dress more approachable, you will look trendy and stylish all at once.


The wedge is still going strong but now it is even stronger with an ankle strap. You can wear wedges with just about anything whether it is the pair of jeans that you are dressing up or that dress that becomes that much better with the addition of the wedge. Of course, it does not hurt that wedges have enough of a heel to show off your legs while giving you that extra lift.

Fancy Shirt

Whether its peekaboo or cutouts, you can expect to see a lot of them this summer. There is no need to go out and purchase a closetful of this item. One shirt will be sufficient for a night out, whether you want to go casual or dressy with jeans or a skirt. We are not exactly strutting along the catwalk wearing a sheer dress so it is understandable if you are a little wary of this look. Don’t worry, you always have the option of wearing a dressy tank underneath. Polka dots are very popular this summer so a sheer polka dot blouse with a thin tank top underneath will have you looking quite stylish.



You may be wondering what a t-shirt is doing on this list but a nice t-shirt is suitable for so many different occasions and you will find yourself reaching for it a little too often so you might want to pick up more than one. Having a few quality t-shirts on hand means that you are never short on an outfit on those summer days when you want to look casual and effortless yet neat and sharp as well. A t-shirt will go great with a pair of shirts or else dress it up with a pair of pants and complete the look with a pair of sandals or stick with ballet flats for a laidback look.