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How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress

Picking the perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting aspects of getting married, along with the future groom and well-deserved honeymoon, of course. Yet while some of us imagine wedding dress shopping as a rare opportunity to feel like a princess for the day, others approach dress shopping with more trepidation. After all, there is the large expense of the dress and then finding the right dress for your figure, which isn’t always easy. Throw in the critical mother or sister-in-law and you have the recipe for a disastrous shopping day.

The one thing that most future brides agree upon is that their dress must be absolutely perfect. It’s a pricey purchase for something most of us only wear once in our lifetime so there is no reason why we shouldn’t demand perfection. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect wedding dress.

Be Yourself

Part of finding the right dress is being practical, a word that is often not compatible with wedding. However, just as you hopefully do when you shop for your other outfits, stay true to your personal sense of style and what works for you. Avoid trendy looks that you will look at years later and question you thought that particular dress would ever look good. Maybe personalizing your dress might be about finding that special feature, like a well-placed ruffle, that can give the dress that special touch that is all you. Pay special attention to the top part of the dress since this is the part of the dress you will see in pictures and it is often the part of the dress that the eye is drawn to first. It is also another place where you can display your own unique style. Not to mention that an unflattering top can ruin the whole look of the dress, no matter how spectacular it may look on the bottom.

Take Your Time

Give yourself plenty of time to look for a dress. Unless your engagement is short, take the year to find that perfect dress so that there will be plenty of time allow for alterations, and possibly even customizations. And there is even hope for that spontaneous, quick engagement—you just might have to pay a little more.

Have a Selection

Even if you are convinced that the first dress you tried on was the perfect dress, keep looking. You could miss the actual real perfect dress just by grabbing the first one you see. Wedding dress shopping is exciting but have patience because it might take a little while.  Take the time to familiarize yourself with the different dress silhouettes—empire, A-line, sheath, ball gown, fit-and-flare, and mermaid. It might take some extra time but it might be advisable to try on a couple (if not all) of the different bridal dress silhouettes to get a sense of which ones look best with your figure.

Find a Realistic Budget

Find a price that’s affordable for your budget. There is no need to outspend your budget on an outrageously priced designer dress when you can purchase a beautiful dress for a beautiful price. If you are looking to stay within a moderate budget then consider going to a sample sale where brides can receive discounts on off-the-rack styles.



Keep It Small   

It seems like bridal dress shopping in the movies or on tv always requires an entourage.  It looks fun but realistically it results in too many opinions and too much confusion. It is better to go with a few people whose opinion you respect but who also will not be offended if your dress taste clashes with theirs. You might even want to go alone the first time to select a handful of dresses that you love and then bring them along the next time to get their opinion.

Keep It Comfortable       

Just because it is a wedding dress does not mean that it has to be uncomfortable. You will be in the dress the whole day and you want to make sure you are comfortable moving around and dancing. You don’t want your lasting memory of your wedding day to be how uncomfortable you felt the whole day.