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Is it Cheaper to Shop for Clothes Online?

Shopping for clothes online appeals to consumers for many reasons. There is no denying the convenience of shopping for clothes without even getting out of your pajamas. The convenience of avoiding a commute or being stalked by pushy shopkeepers is worth shopping online just in itself. Throw in free shipping and free, easy returns and online shopping sounds even more attractive.

A brick-and-mortar store has more overhead when you consider the cost of rent, payroll, and electricity. Online shopping sites offer a much simpler shopping approach with friendly, more helpful customer service. User-friendly sites provide online price matching and promotional savings codes, and may at times even waive tax charges.

Competitive shopping has also provided the shopper with the ability to shop for the lowest price now that shoppers feel empowered to bargain for better prices. Shoppers now use the Internet to do more extensive research. You may find a dress online but you want to make sure that you get the best price for it. You may even find the location where the dress is sold to try it on and make sure you like it as much in person. Once you do this, you have the option to use your phone to compare the store’s price with prices online. Aggressive shoppers may even ask the shopkeeper to match the price or may just leave the store to buy it at the lowest online price. Product reviews also save the shopper time when there are unfavorable reviews concerning quality or helpful comments regarding sizes that run small or large. A price comparison site like PriceGrabber will compare the prices at several stores so that you can get the best price without having to invest too much time researching.

A big part of online shopping is knowing where to shop for affordable clothing.

Some British online stores offer a large inventory of cutting-edge clothes with an affordable price tag. Shipping to the United States is free with a purchase over $45.00 and promo codes worth 20% to 30% are frequently offered.


This online women’s fashion site offers the latest fashions on a budget, with 150 new products arriving every week so shopping never gets old.

Clothing Under Ten

This discount clothing store includes cheap clothes (hence the name) with tank tops priced around 4.99. This is a site to pick up those wardrobe basics that you do not want to pay a ton for.

Go Jane

This Internet retailer may appeal to the bold but if you are looking for a flashy item for a particular event, such as a bachelorette’s party, this is a way to pay a small sum for an item that may not get much use.

There are times when it may be better to go into the store to shop for clothes. For instance, if there are shipping costs it might be worth it to make the trip to save the extra money. Also, if there are fees for making returns then this may be another situation where visiting the store may be best. If you are shopping for an item that you know will be a challenge to find the right fit, such as jeans or a bathing suit, it might be best to go into the store. While trying on a large assortment of clothes may take some time, it may be easier than repeatedly ordering and returning items, especially when there are costs involved.