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Tips for shopping online safely

Countless people around the globe are shopping online, but it really seems like how they really don't know how to do that safely. Do you? If you don't know how to do that, now is the perfect moment to change your behaviors! We have created this article for that purpose. Check out our list and shop safely!

Always use all the familiar websites you have heard of

When you just think for a moment how there are literally great adds on your social media accounts that appear daily, trying to get you to shop for anything you like there, you need to rethink that and stop for a moment. Be sure that you know how to recognize all those websites that are actually going to get you what you have paid for. We are talking about eBay for example, and of course, about all those trusted websites people use daily.

Use a Virtual Private Network

If you haven't heard of a VPN connection, then you will be sure now how you should check all of its possibilities. Want to be anonymous while shopping online? If you are afraid of your personal and private information, a Virtual Private Network has an answer. No one likes to be monitored, and I can completely understand that. The great news is how a VPN connection is becoming better and better by each day. Be sure that you check all of its capabilities.

The lock

You should definitely always look for the lock. Why? If you buy something from a website that doesn't have an SSL encryption installed, you are risking a lot! How to know that? If the site you want to buy something from is starting with HTTPS://, you should definitely try to find all those shopping websites that start with HTTP://. What else should you know about this? The best advice would definitely be not to give anyone your credit card and your email. Don't ever do that!

Telling everything

Why shouldn't you tell it all? What is that all about actually? It is all about ''those bizarre things''. Have you ever needed to tell someone about your birth date to shop for something online? Don't do that. That is a crucial mistake. Never reveal your personal information you don't need to. If you think about how there is nothing wrong with that, I am really sure how you will now reassess your beliefs. If you give someone just your date of birth and your credit card, you can literally expect your personal information to be stolen. So, keep eye on this one! It doesn't look frightening, yet, it can cause you a lot of stress and of course, a lot of damage.

The Statements

How many times have you waited for your bill to come at the end of the month? If you want to stay secure, you will definitely need to change that habit. What is so wrong with it? The best advice would definitely be to go online regularly and to check all those electronic statements which are connected to your credit card. Once you do that, you will be able to escape all those charges you don't actually need to pay for.

Happy shopping!